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The Halcyon Center:


Operated by Stable Gate Dharma Collective, a 501c3 Non Profit Organization 

    cultivate conscious community


STABLE GATE DHARMA COLLECTIVE: A faith based community of spiritualists who value sustainability and inner well being. Our aim is to create a culture returning back to a lifestyle of ritual, ceremony, celebrating and honoring of the
earth. We value permaculture and holistic cooperative living in sync with others at our homestead and garden.

The key to human evolution and ascension of our consciousness is through exploring the depth and diverse collection of religious traditions + ancient healing techniques. In combination with being open to the vastness of modern modalities and technology as tools for heightening awareness.

Composed of a network of yogis, seekers and healers who are all walking on and assisting others on the path of wisdom, light and truth. Expanding the web of interconnectedness, using plant, sound and energy medicine to elevate and expand our light bodies to radiate out and inspire others. Not a cult. 

"Everything is done in a sacred manor and in celebration!"

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